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10 basic techniques of fishing in the sea

Fishing is a fun hobby, but many of us who do not really understand the basic techniques in fishing, yes even including in the hobby will be afdol if we know the basic techniques in fishing, the following 10basic fishing techniques:

1. Prepare the Stimulated Feed
Use a bait with a fascination stimuli flavor, shape, color, smell and movement. bait can be either the original bait or artificial bait (lure), usually used artificial bait while fishing at sea.

2. Throw or Throwing Feed
The key to successful fishing event is also determined by the burst technique. Burst must occur at the right point, Hold the rod in the direction perpendicular to the body, directing the eye to the point where the fall of the bait. Move the rod with elbow movement towards the front until kenur perpendicular to the water, swinging back toward the bait. If at that time you are still in doubt, move the rod back forward. Back bait to swing back by moving the rod straight to the head. When bait swung back, accusing the bait along with bait to swing back toward the front of the style of the whip with the rod, do not forget to remove the last kenur you hold with your fingers

Fishing Trick and Techniques at Sea

Fishing Techniques at Sea

There are some deep sea fishing techniques as we often see. Here we describe several such techniques take from Indonesia fishing Team.
Mancing basic (botton fishing), which is usually obtaind fish is red snapper, pompano, Krapu, and some other basic fish. Sometimes Mackerel and Barracuda can also be provoked in this way. Koncer (Live Bait), is a little unique way, without the use of tin/ballast, so the main kenur mounted spool pin, and then connected whit a wire hook nikelin 10 centimeters long. Decoys are used absolute live bait such as trevally, song, kite, como, bloating, sangir, even baby barracuda.

Live bait allowed to swin away from the ship, to the location of the most accurate (quickline), pending pamangsa fish, such as mackerel and live bait Barracuda snatched up earlier.

Tips and Tricks Fishing Catfish

Tips and Tricks Fishing Catfish

Pegasius or usually called catfish or jambal is a type of fish thah play on the base. For the following types of fish anglers are fishing tips and tricks this.

The series of fishing for catfish can use float or not. The series of fishing rods can consist of 1 or 2 small hooks up sendng. This is because fish pegasius not have mouths thah are to large. Use a small wire and loose AAU nikelin kenur scout / lider, swivel and lead sinkers small size.

The thing to remember, if you prefer to hook the bouy is the distance to should float along river or pond so that it can touch the bottom of the bait.

Tricks Deep Sea Fishing

Trikcs and Techniques Deep Sea Fishing

It biases thah deep sea fishing is not only a basic fishing techniques but drifting, jigging, popping, and delay. Thus, three sets kekili is minimum and if able to bring the equipment tums to face any loss (falling in the sea).

Joran - For fishing grounds and fishing delay appropriate thah we take a length of 2 meters (5.5 feet) to 2.5 meters (6.5 feet) by the action of heavy 30/80 pounds or PE4-PE8. If interested in jigging, to rod -PE5 PE3 strength length of 2 meters are suitable for fish such as quarts, mackerel and gerepoh under 15kg. If GT bersaiz XXXL better use measuring rod so PE8 equal length or 2meters. For popping, rod 2.5 meters is very effective to throw away. Powerful distraction rod for fishing PE1 to PE3 apollo